Your teams will function and work together with more clarity and improved outcomes.

Your leaders will be able to create and foster an environment of consistent communication.

Your organization will will benefit from the development of a culture of responsibility and accountability.

“We experienced a significantly increased rate of participation and involvement. Folks feel more valued. Morale has improved in a lot of ways”
Dr. Tracy Gibbons, OD Specialist, Advanced Micro Devices
“Partnerwerks offers the first leader development program that I’ve ever been to where I agreed with every concept and model that was presented.”
Tim Miller, CEO, Rally Software Development
We help people who want to improve their ability to get more done with others.
ladderWe help our clients to embrace responsibility and accountability as a fundamental framework for being successful.

Why Choose Us

Who We Are

We are a boutique consultancy that works with select clients around the world to make significant and impactful change.

What We Do

We listen to our clients to best understand the change that they want to see, then co-create and execute plans to support the desired outcomes.

Our Services

We provide on-site and virtual coaching, seminars, workshops and consulting engagements – rolling up our sleeves to help with the heavy lifting of creating change.

Our History

Our work is the results of more than 20 years of research and practical application into the power of responsibility, as conducted and facilitated by Dr. Christopher Avery and his engagement team.

Our Background

We are a hands-on team with experience in fostering, creating and supporting the types of change that make people and organizations more effective and efficient.
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